The Elka Project is a community archaeology-based project inviting people to join in on the excavations and research of some newly discovered ancient sites in and around Ilkeston. 

From lidar images and research a number of ancient sites have come to light in and around the area of Ilkeston Derbyshire U.K.

Some of the sites have been identified and some have yet to be explained in what the areas were used for.  

This project is focused in finding out more about these places by organising archaeology digs and inviting the public to discover the past together.  

Also a range of experimental archaeology projects are lined up over the year and people are invited to join in on site. All experiments will be published as a journal and made accessible to archaeology institutions.


What do we do. 

First hand information of any new discoveries.. Early access to archaeology dig sites. Group outdoor research and mapping. Training connected to archaeology. At least four online talks per year with guest speakers  for members only.  Have the opportunity to add to the existing research and experimental archaeology. Meet some new like minded  people or just soak up the information as it turns up. 

Below;  Side by side lidar image of a suspected burial mound that once had a chapel standing on top during the 13th century, with a possible line of tumuli bearing South West. This is just one example of the recent discoveries that is under further investigation.. Image sources,  Google maps, and lidarfinder.  


Some of the Elka Project members taking resistivity readings at Kirk Hallam All Saint's Church 


Mission Statement 

The Elka project Ilkeston. To learn together as a community the rich local heritage of the past in the area of Erewash borough. To invite people to join in on  archaeology excavations on site . Without prejudice to religion, gender, race, creed, disabilities or belief.  The project also aims to inspire local creative people who have a passion for history to add to the projects agenda. That is a collective of like minded people who are interested in the ancient past . 

Above; Artist impression of how the chapel may have looked. 

Sponsors. Erewash Borough Council. 

Leading archaeologist Tim Bennett post graduate with the University of Dublin.